Research for the Pecha Kucha Presentation

8th November 2021

Firstly I made a mind map of some ideas to research, thinking about surreal art and Dada.

I looked at some films that gave a good example of surreal art such as Alice in wonderland and Charlie and the chocolate factory.

Alice In Wonderland

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Then I spent the next seven days looking at Dada and surreal Art.

See below a small selection of art work.

I also looked at the collection of Dada Poetry on ubu web suggested by Marilyn Allen. See blog post: 28th Nov, Titled: Speed Tutorials.

Dada Poem

Hugo Ball Dada Poem


Film Image Selection

I chose a selection of dada and surreal images sourced from the net below.

Dark Silence In Suburbia
Lluis Barba. Travellers in Time. Self-portrait, Kahlo, 2011. Travellers is Time. Self-portrait, Francis Bacon, 2012.

Just Not Ready
“I know you can’t give a specific timeframe, but”… How I wish I had crystal ball that clued me in on events that have yet to happen…. The end of life is such a profound…

Neil Simone
Born in London in 1947. Neil Simone studied Graphic Design and Display. It was during a visit in 1969, while working on an exhibition for MOTEC (The Multi-Occupational Training and Educational Centred opened by HRH Princess Anne in 1969), that Neil became influenced by the austere and sometimes harsh yet beautiful countryside of North Yorkshire. […]

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Being a photographer has taught me so much about myself as an artist in what I value and how I see the world. The ultimate satisfaction of capturing a story through images is what drives my passion to continue my professional practice. A new day is a new adventure and what is created today is the history of the future.

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